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Fundraising Tips

You’re participating in Heads Without Beds: Leaders Edition. Thanks for taking the first step to support the furnishing of homes in our region.

There are many things you can do to inspire others and raise funds for this very important cause. Let’s break it down.

Three basic steps to fundraising success:

When you register, your default fundraising page is generic. You should personalize your page with a photo, a message of why you’re sleeping without your bed and/or your connection to our cause.

Group 1: The people closest to you who are capable of making a larger donation

Group 2: Friends, family and colleagues

Group 3: Everyone else in your contact list

Each week, you’ll receive sample social media content and copy-and-paste messages. Customize these messages and your ask for each of the three groups.

The first few days of a fundraising campaign are very important. Starting early maximizes the time potential donors have to donate and gives you time to learn what works best or reach out to the Home Again team if you want fresh ideas.

  • Start with Your Fundraising Page
    Before reaching out for sponsors, create a fundraising page with great visuals and emotional appeal. When you register, your default fundraising page is generic – jazz it up and make it personal with your photo and message of why you’re sleeping without your bed! Register here.
    Set a SMART fundraising goal: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Set your goal high enough to encourage donations and low enough to be attainable. And if you reach your fundraising goal early, you can always create a new stretch goal!
  • Create a strong page name: Grab the attention of your supporters by choosing a great page name and a call to action (i.e., Let’s End Furniture Poverty or Transforming Homes and Lives).
  • Use photos and videos: Photos and videos related to the fundraiser can help personalize your page, connect your potential donor to the cause and increase the amount of donations you receive. Smartphone videos are easy, quick and effective.
  • Share your fundraising story: By sharing why you’re participating and passionate about Home Again’s impact, your supporters will be better connected and motivated to give. 
  • Make the first donation: By making the first donation, you set the tone and get the ball rolling.

It's Time to Fundraise:

Ask far and wide throughout your network. Use your master list to send a kick-off email about your campaign and follow up with updates about your campaign and night without a bed.

Segment your contacts into those close to you who you think will donate more to kick off your campaign and other contacts into categories like work, teammates, community club, family, etc. Tailor your ask by tweaking your email to appeal to each group.

  • Invite your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you: This can be done directly from your fundraising page. Be sure to follow-up with a phone call or email to remind people your participation will have a direct and positive impact.
  • Start with an ask: Friends, family and colleagues are likely to help if they know something is important to you. So pick up the phone, chat in the lunchroom, or send an email or text to let your networks know you’re participating and how they can support you. Follow-up promptly with those who express an interest and thank those who donate.
  • Personalize your ask: Segment your list by those who you know are capable of bigger donations and tailor your ask.   
  •  Hold mini-challenges for milestones: Offer fun challenges that you’ll complete at certain milestones (i.e., sharing a throw-back image of you at $2500 raised or a bed-head image at $5000 raised).
  • Keep it easy: Each week, you’ll receive sample emails and social media messages from Home Again. You can copy-and-paste these samples, personalize them, or create your own.
  • Share on social media: Social media is a fantastic way to raise awareness. Post on social using hashtags #HeadsWithoutBedsLeaders#EndFurniturePoverty, and #EveryHeadDeservesABed. Share images, videos, stories of why you’re involved and your outcomes. You can also use social media to promote fundraising challenges to your friends (i.e., for the first $500 donation, you’ll sing your fav lullaby on Facebook or Instagram Live). You can create your own social messages or use those provided weekly by Home Again.
  • Email: Email is a fantastic way to share personal messages with those who might be connected to your fundraiser. Create your own or use the samples provided weekly by Home Again.
  • Share the impact of a donation: i.e, $250 donation will rent and fuel a cube van furnishing 4+ homes and changing lives. Knowing the impact of a donation inspires people to give. 
  • Further extend your reach: Ask your family, friends or colleagues to reach out to their networks on your behalf, further extending your reach.

Quick Tips:

  • Celebrate and Say Thanks
    A successful fundraiser is a major achievement and something to celebrate. Acknowledge and thank your supporters. Send a thank you note or message to each person to let them know how much you appreciate their support and to provide an update on what was accomplished and the impact it will have.
  • Happy Fundraising
    We hope these tips have sparked new ideas and help you reach your fundraising goal. Be creative and have fun! 
    For further information or support, reach out to Maureen Lymburner.
    (709) 325-0072